As mentioned in a previous post, I believe people are good by nature. If you agree, you may also find it challenging to maintain this feeling during times of mass tragedy, such as the things we have been seeing so frequently lately. If people are innately good, why are awful things happening and so often? It can be difficult to comprehend but if we want to be beacons of light and help uplift humanity, we can only try to make sense of it. Here is my humble opinion.┬áMost harmful actions occur from a deep need for love and acceptance, OR a need to survive. Survival can be physical survival, or it can be survival of ego. It may feel like a life or death situation if one’s ego is threatened. The ego is an interesting thing, because it is what drives us and pushes us forward but it can also wreak havoc if we don’t know how to manage it. Maybe these acts of violence and aggression are very extreme results of BOTH a desperate need for love and belonging and a seemingly instinctual need to “protect” ego? I’d love to hear your thoughts. This is simply my attempt at trying to make sense of the pain and suffering the world is experiencing.