Another one of my core beliefs is that anything is possible. This belief has been with me, and I will dare to say with you, since we came into this world. We know, at our core, that we are capable of greatness but many times that possibility frightens the daylights out of us. Or life happens, that knowing gets clouded over and we forget. There are hundreds of ways to convince us that this is not true and that there are limitations, hindrances, roadblocks that will prevent us from reaching our full potential so we give up trying. Experiences, circumstances, heartbreaks, imposition of other’s views, media, and the list goes on. But take a step back, see things for what they are, make your own judgments and choices, and NEVER let go of that imaginative, limitless dreamer attitude. If you can dream it and you are able to comprehend it in your mind, that means it already exists and it is absolutely possible!